VK4DW Amateur Radio

Upgrade work being carried out at Blue Mountain Repeater Site - NEBO - South West Of MACKAY - Queensland Australia

The "Australian Communications and Media Authority" (ACMA) is the Australian Licencing Authority, similar to the US FCC

Licence is included in the details here:  https://web.acma.gov.au/rrl/licence_search.licence_lookup?pLICENCE_NO=1972191/1

This site is home to:

VK4RBM Repeater 146.775 - 600. 91.5hz PL

VK4RBM Repeater 439.300 - 5.00 Dstar

VK4RWS Repeater 438.675 - 5.00 91.5hz PL

APRS 145.175

This site is helicopter access only and has an elevation of just over 1000 metres or around 3500 feet above sea level.

Footprint is extensive with most of the coalfields, Central Highlands ,and Mackay area served with good mobile and fixed radio coverage

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