9500 IRLP Reflector

The "Friendly Net" The Australia East Coast Reflector is managed by VK4DW, and is housed at a Data Centre managed by Ian VK2HK

This Reflector is available to all Licenced Amateur Radio Operators, and is a free service.

As costs are involved in hosting and maintaining this reflector, we do accept voluntary donations.

If you wish to contribute, we accept PayPal payments at following Link
All Licenced Amateur Radio Operators are welcome. Our thanks go to the IRLP founder Dave Cameron VE7LTD, who has provided the Amateur Radio Family a wonderful tool for communication all over this planet.

Dave has been tireless in his support of the Australia East Coast 9500 Reflector, and fully deserves our support. So please consider donating via IRLP.net

The "Friendly Net" is exactly that. Friendly. We want you to be a Ham Radio Operator, and feel free to use whatever Ham Radio Language you wish to use. You can call CQ if you wish. You can use the Q Code as much as you like. Whatever procedure you have grown accustomed to over the years is fine by this community. Our main guiding principle is to be respectful to one another, and to have fun. Enjoy the cultural diversity of your fellow Hams.

Current Groups

9503 (Channel 3) VK3 Statewide Group

9506 (Channel 6) "Friendly Net Group" (Global)

Official IRLP Guidelines are here

If you wish to form a Group on the 9500 Reflector, please contact us via the Web Contact Form

 To contact us just use the "Send Message" below

Thank you for contacting "The Friendly Net" . We will return your enquiry as soon as possible. 73
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