"The Friendly Net"

Welcome to the new web page for the VK and ZL Ham's and others that are interested in communications.This site will be a work in progress so please check back often to see added content.We have been thinking of a better way to keep in contact / inform us all about the nets, eg times and frequency's to use.

Doug VK4DW has kindly made available a new IRLP Reflector channel we can log into.
Go to Channel 9506 and you will find the Friendly net group listening.

As most of us now have mobile phones, tablets and computers we encourage you all to look at installing "WhatsApp"

We can use this as well as IRLP Reflector 9506 to coordinate our Nets and times.

If we all do use WhatsApp https://www.whatsapp.com/
we can use it any time you like and let us know that your going to put out a few calls any time you wish.

This is how it works.

Once you join the "Rendezvous Net Ham Radio"  on WhatsApp and you want to make a contact with one of
the Rendezvous members all you do is inform the group that your going to put a few calls out on the frequency that you have chosen, something like this.

I am going to be on 14.291 in five minutes please answer if you can hear.
Regards vk4rv


I will be on 14.291 at 10:00 Est tonight, please answer if you can hear.
Regards vk4rv

This will go as a TXT to all that have the App running.

So as you can see it's instant, easy and convenient and we may get better results?
For those of you that have wondered if it's legal to use the radio wile mobile, here is a link for Queensland.
Please check your own stat for more information.

Regards, Adrian VK4RV